FBI looking into fraudulent net neutrality comments

The Justice Department is now investigating the millions of phony comments posted during the public comments period on the repeal of net neutrality. Despite public support of net neutrality, the Federal Communications Commission voted to overturn rules that prevented internet providers from selecting certain web traffic for full speed. Out of over 20 million comments, it is estimated that some 9.5 million were submitted in people’s names without their consent. (BuzzFeed, December 8, 2018, by Kevin Collier and Jeremy Singer-Vine)

FCC head Ajit Pai has not been forthcoming, ignoring or stalling requests of the press and the New York attorney general’s office for documents about the fraud. With no evidence implicating Russia, it may well be that one of the companies benefiting from the repeal of net neutrality perpetrated the fraud. (techdirt, December 12, 2018, by Karl Bode)

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