European Union asks U.S. tech companies to fight fake news campaigns during elections

To fight Russian campaigns to disrupt western democracies, the European Union is proposing a plan to engage governments and tech companies in curtailing false and misleading information on the internet designed to influence elections. The EU wants to increase spending by the EU foreign service almost five fold to track Russian propaganda. They want tech companies to do more to stop fake news and incitements to hatred and extremism. And they want to establish a “rapid alert” system to warn governments of major false information attacks. (Reuters, December 5, 2018, Robin Emmott)

Facebook, Google, Twitter and Mozilla have signed a voluntary agreement  to step up their efforts. They are making political ads more transparent along with other information about fake accounts and bots they’ve shut down. They will also reveal current efforts to use fact-checkers and researchers to uncover fake news campaigns. (The News&Observer, December 5, 2018, by The Associated Press)

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