Social media struggles with hate messages and desire for free speech forum

Various online entities banned the social network Gab after it was determined that Robert Bowers, the man arrested for the Pittsburgh synagogue shootings, had made threats against Jews on the network. Now GAB is back up with the support of the domain provider Epik. (TechSpot, November 5, 2018, by Cohen Coberly)

With Epik CEO Rob Monster stating he does not support anti-Jewish posts and claiming that Gab would be checking its content carefully, Gab defended themselves with the claim that every day “vile hate speech” and anti-Jewish content appeared on Twitter. (Newsweek, November 5, 2018, by Benjamin Fearnow)

The digital security provider Cloudflare is also providing service to Gab stating that “deep infrastructure companies like Cloudflare should not be in the position to make editorial decisions based on content.” (Wired, November 5, 2018, by Paris Martineau)

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