ProPublica devotes resources to help local newsrooms report on voter disenfranchisement

ProPublica initiated Electionland in 2016 to collect and disseminate election day news about crucial issues with emphasis on voter disenfranchisement. The investigative news outlet was responding to the sight of between 300,000 and 500,000 voters disenfranchised from long lines during the 2012 elections. (Columbia Journalism Review, November 7, 2018, by Alexandria Neason)

Electionland covers voter access, cybersecurity and election integrity rather than election results. “Electionland’s goal is to document, nationally and in real time, voting impediments such as long lines, harassment at the polls, changed voting locations, provisional ballot use, voter ID issues, ballot design problems and vote disruption caused by hacking.”  It’s a free service for local newsrooms who can expect to receive, among other information, alerts about problems at polls; alerts for timely data about local candidates and races;  and training in understanding long-lines data, election administration surveys and cyber security issues. (ProPublica, November 8, 2018)

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