Investigative report reveals police exaggerating success in solving rape crimes

A study of over 60 police agencies around the country showed that police are using an exception in federal guidelines to pad their success in rape cases. The guidelines allow the police to declare the case solved without an arrest when they know the suspect’s identity and location but can’t make an arrest for reasons they can’t control. Police reports show that out of 70,000 rape cases, nearly a half of the agencies studied cleared more rapes in 2016 through exceptional means than by arresting a suspect. (ProPublica, November 15, 2018, by Bernice Yeung of ProPublica, Mark Fahey of Newsy and Emily Harris, Reveal from the Center of Investigative Reporting)

The findings in Austin, Texas show that 51 percent of rape cases were cleared in 2016 but there were only arrests in 17 percent of the cases. And in 2017 the Austin department claims they solved 53 percent of the cases when the national average was 36 percent. Other departments that allegedly inflated their rape arrest statistics were Oakland, California; Wichita, Kansas; Baltimore, Maryland; and Hillsborough County, Florida. (Sputnik News, November 19, 2018)

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