A&A: Government Not Providing All Records Requested

Q: I submitted a CPRA and have not disclosed all of the documents from one of the categories I asked for. I requested specific photos of weapons that were found by park rangers and they are only releasing pictures from a portion of the ranger program.

They did not disclose that there are additional photos, but a ranger I know who works for the government has stated that their supervisor is only asking them to get photos from one specific team. I know hundreds of other photos exist and that they are not releasing these. They don’t know that I know about the additional pictures.

Do I have any recourse without “outing” my inside source?

A:  My suggestion would be to perhaps write to the agency and simply ask whether you have been given all records that are responsive to your request, and clarify that you are seeking photographs from all the park ranger units.  If you know the specific names of the different ranger divisions, you might even list those in your follow-up, so that the agency will have to respond as to as to whether there are photographs from each of the individual units that are responsive to your request.  You could also remind the city of its duty under the Act to assist you in identifying records and information that are responsive to your request.  Gov’t Code 6253.1.

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