Legal scholars want Watergate report unsealed for help in Mueller probe

To provide special counsel Robert Mueller with some guidance over what to do after his investigation of the Trump administration and Russian election meddling is over, three legal scholars are suggesting that it’s time to unseal the report sent to Congress during the Watergate investigation. (The New York Times, September 14, 2018, by Charlie Savage)

The three scholars filed a petition in federal court asking for the release of the report to help Mueller decide what to bring to Congress. “In the silence left by Congress, Special Counsel Mueller’s Office, like the Watergate Special Prosecutor’s Office, must navigate difficult questions of separation of powers, individual rights, and executive power, in deciding what type of report, if any, to provide Congress,” the scholars wrote in the petition. While the report contains grand jury proceedings, the scholars argue that public interest in disclosure far outweighs any need for secrecy. (Courthouse News Service, September 17, 2018, by Britain Eakin)

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