Secret recording of Florida police chief survives U.S. Supreme Court appeal

The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear a Florida case involving a secret recording in a police chief’s office that allegedly violated Florida’s wiretapping laws that require all participants to agree to a recording. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals had ruled in 2017 that since the chief did not tell the man recording their meeting that the meeting was private he had “no expectation” of privacy. (Miami New Times, June 5, 2018, by Jerry Iannelli)

Dr. Eric McDonough recording the meeting with Homestead police chief Alejandro Rolle to complain about a police officer who arrested him for filing an earlier complaint. McDonough put the recording of the meeting online prompting the chief to threaten prosecution. With the Supreme Court declining to hear the case, the 11th Circuit decision become law in Florida allowing secret recordings of police as long as they are on the job. (Medium (See Supreme Court in MLD feed), June 4, 2018, by Grant Stern)