Florida man gains Supreme Court nod in free speech case

A Florida man gained a victory in the U. S. Supreme Court who ruled 8-1 that he had been denied his free speech rights when he was arrested for disrupting a lawful assembly when addressing the City of Riviera Beach city council meeting during a public comment session. The court remanded the case to the appellate level for reconsideration. (25boston.com, June 18, 2018, by Jessica Gresko of The Associated Press)

The council claimed they could had Fane Lozman awfully arrested for failing to leave the meeting when ordered. Lozman claimed that the council was retaliating against him for protected speech. In its decision the U.S. Supreme Court established that probably cause for arrest does not preclude a lawsuit alleging retaliation and that arresting critics runs counter to the First Amendment. (techdirt, June 25, 2018, by Tim Cushing)