Thomas Jefferson Center releases dubious awards for free speech muzzling

In announcing The 2018 Jefferson Muzzles for 2018, in defense of free speech in the U.S., the Thomas Jefferson Center wrote, “At all levels of government, we observed actions meant to silence unpopular and unorthodox voices, often in direct contradiction of clearly established laws. This year’s awards, then, are our small act of protest against those high and petty officials determined to treat this fundamental feature of free speech as a flaw.” Out of seven awards, four concerned incidents in high schools. The U.S. Capitol police earned one of the other awards by denying reporters the right to take photos of them arresting protesters against repeal of the Affordable Car Act. The sergeant at arms tried to justify the ban by calling the hallway where the arrests took place a crime scene. (Thomas Jefferson Center, May 7, 2018, by Clay Hansen)

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