Transparency: Pressure on Senate committee to release Fusion GPS testimony on Russia probe

Exasperated by Republican attacks on their investigative firm, Fusion GPS, for their intelligence reports on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, the firm’s founders are imploring the senate judiciary committee to release the transcripts of their 21 hours of testimony in August that discredit the attacks. “It is time to stop chasing rabbits,” write the founders. “The public still has much to learn about a man with the most troubling business past of any United States president. Congress should release transcripts of our firm’s testimony, so that the American people can learn the truth about our work and most important, what happened to our democracy.” (The New York Times, January 2, 2018, by Glenn R. Simpson and Peter Fritsch)

The Republican chair of the judiciary committee Chuck Grassley struck back claiming that Fusion wanted the testimony behind closed doors and that the transcripts would be released after the court reporter had sufficient time to prepare them. (The Hill, January 3, 2017, by Olivia Beavers)

In writing their New York Times op-ed, Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch revealed choice details of their testimony including the assertion that the Christopher Steele dossier was not the impetus for the FBI investigation of the Trump-Russia connection. Fox News had based many of their attacks on the investigation on that premise. (Gizmodo, January 3, 2017, by Dell Cameron)

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