Admitting Russian election ad problem Facebook sets a brave new course on political ads

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg promises to make his company’s political ads more transparent while providing information to investigators on ads linked to Russia during the recent presidential elections. He said he is making these moves to counter attempts to undermine democracy and to protect election integrity. (New York Daily News, September 21, 2017, by Christopher Brennan)

Zuckerberger said Facebook would bring transparency to political ads by disclosing which page paid for an ad and allowing viewers to see which ads a page is running to any audience on Facebook. (Ad Exchanger, September 21, 2017, by Zach Rodgers)

Facebook is finding itself in new territory confronted with the need to create controls on ads when it previously made money on ads by employing no sales staff and no oversight. It took Facebook 10 months to admit that Russia-linked ads from fake accounts had delivered messages seeking to create social and political divisiveness to influence the election. The company is now faced with the sticky problem of judging which causes should be granted a forum. (The Guardian, September 21, 2017, by Julia Carrie Wong)