Concern mounts over White House information void

Even Republicans in Congress are complaining about the paucity of information from the Trump administration amid general concerns that the public may not be receiving the information due to them in a democratic government. Journalism school dean Lucy Dalglish expressed the fears of many, saying that she can conceive of Trump at a rally saying,  “‘Who needs this information? It’s the evil media that wants to know this information, you don’t need it. No!’ And I think he’s going to try to persuade the public, overtly, that they’re better off ignorant.” (NPR, February 3, 2017, by David Folkenflik)

The Trump administration shut down the White House comment line and does not count signatures on petitions listed on their website. They may also be deliberately blocking news to the public. Transcripts, executive orders and news releases aren’t posted online and documents have been deleted from the websites of government agencies. (McClatchy News, February 3, 2017, by Anita Kumar)