House bill would require judicial oversight of phone record seizure

The Justice Department would have to obtain federal court approval to seize telephone and e-mail records from journalist under a House of Representatives bill proposed by a bipartisan groups of legislators. (The Hill, May 22, 2013, by Jordy Yager)

The Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) argues that the bill is only a partial fix and that in seeking permission for the records, the government should have to show probable cause under the Fourth Amendment. EFF also pointed out that phone companies including Verizon Wireless provide records to the government without notifying reporters to allow them to contest the government’s move. (Electronic Freedom Foundation, May 20, 2013, by Cindy Cohn and Trevor Timm) -db

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  • The good thing about the DOJ’s overreach is that it will hopefully shock our petty and ridiculous legislature into action.

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