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Newspapers finding new revenue sources

With ad revenues sinking, some forward-looking newspapers have been successful in finding new sources of revenue, reports Rick Edmonds for the Poynter Institute, February 11, 2013. He cites four newspapers, including the Santa Rosa, California Press Democrat who is selling digital marketing services to local businesses.

The New York Times has shown that giant, tradition-bound mainstream newspapers can also find success even with print advertising revenues declining. Digital revues were up by 5.1% and circulation revenues were up boosted in part by gains in digital subscribers. Sales of assets also bolstered the bottom line. (The Guardian, February 7, 2013, by Dominic Rushe)

Other newspapers are committed to  print journal as their chief source of revenue. The Arkansas Democrat Gazette protected its print revenue by erecting a paywall  on the newspaper’s website. Since studies have shown that most readers don’t notice online ads, the greatest revenues can still come from print ads as in the case of the Democrat-Gazette. (About.com by Tony Rogers)

The lesson seems to be don’t give up on print but look for other ways to generate revenue. -db



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