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Manning prosecution poses threat to free press

The prosecutor in the Manning court martial sees no difference between WikiLeaks and The New York Times. If the government view prevails, conceivably a reporter could be charged with aiding the enemy, a capital offense.

In discussing developments in the Manning trial, The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald makes the case that there is a double standard with Bob Woodward allowed to report secrets in his book Obama’s Wars with no fear of prosecution.

Notwithstanding the double standard , if the government succeeds in prosecuting WikiLeaks, it would be chilling for reporters going after high-level stories, argues Michael Calderone, The Huffington Post, January 10, 2013.

Some are arguing that prominent players such as The New York Times should defend WikiLeaks as a member of the media, but if the press abandons the view that it is only an intermediary news provider, that carries its own problems if the government succeeds in prosecuting WikiLeaks, writes Mathew Ingram for paidContent, January 10, 2013. -db


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