Los Angeles Catholic Church ordered to release names in sexual abuse files

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles must release internal documents of sex abuse allegations without redacting the names of the Catholic priests and their superiors who handled their cases. A Superior Court judge overruled a 2011 order that allowed the Archdiocese to black out the names. The Associated Press and the Los Angeles Times had pressed for the release of the names.

Attorney Ray Boucher representing the alleged victims said, “It’s been a ten-year battle for many of these victims and receiving the documents and knowing who within the Church allowed these crimes to take place against them has been a vital and important part of doing justice to them and bringing closure and resolution.” (Courthouse News Service)

The Archdiocese holds that the judge does not have the authority to order the release of the unredacted documents. (CatholicCulture.org) -db

From the Associated Press, January 8, 2012, by Greg Risling with contributions by Gillian Flaccus.

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