You’ve Got Sarah’s Mail! And other cool tools from Sunlight Foundation

Following the hit they had with Elana’s Inbox, which made Supreme Court justice Elana Kagan’s email searchable online, the Sunlight Foundation this week introduced Sarah’s Inbox:

“Sarah’s Inbox allows users to view the more than 14,000 emails from Sarah Palin’s tenure as Governor of Alaska with familiar sorting functions. You can go page by page starting from the most recent emails or, most importantly, search. To help direct folks to interesting items, try some of our sample searches, star emails for later viewing or view the most starred emails by all users.”

If you can’t work up an interest in searching the former-Governor’s deathless posts, the Sunlight Foundation has several other new online tools for that will definitely stir the imagination of anyone the hidden influencers  connecting industry, politics and the media:

Poligraft: You Feed in a news article, blog post or press release, and Poligraft will present you with an enhanced view of the interconnections between the people, organizations and relationships described in the article.

Inbox Influence is a tool that allows you to see the political contributions of the people and organizations that are mentioned in emails you receive.

Announcing Sarah’s Inbox – Sunlight Foundation.