Announcing FAC’s “Kiss” and “Kiss-Off” awards

In keeping with the new normal of polarized politics, FAC has launched a new feature that views the world of First Amendment issues as consisting of good guys and bad guys.

The good guys, on whom we bestow a “First Amendment Kiss,” are people and institutions who, by their acts, words, or example, strengthen free speech safeguards, public access to government information and decision-making, and the accountability of elected officials.  The bad guys, whom we recognize with a “First Amendment Kiss-Off” award, are, well, the people and institutions who resist what the good guys are trying to do. To paraphrase Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart’s comment about pornography, we know the bad guys when we see them.

KissFAC supporters are, by definition, good guys. As such, you are invited and encouraged to nominate recipients of the First Amendment Kiss and  Kiss-Off honors. New honorees are posted to FAC’s website. Please “follow us” on Twitter for those postings and for a daily stream of news items, original commentaries, our lawyers’ answers to questions posed by folks like you, as well as news about FAC’s litigation and other initiatives. –Peter Scheer