FAC files amicus in US Sup Ct free speech / campaign contributions case

The First Amendment Coalition has filed an amicus brief in Citizens United v. FEC, the US Supreme Court case involving First Amendment challenges to federal campaign finance laws regulating corporate political speech during elections.

The Court held this case over for re-argument in September and invited briefing on broader issues than the case originally had been thought to present—including whether to overturn several leading Supreme Court precedents in the campaign finance-freedom of speech area.

Our brief urges the Court to invalidate speech-regulation of nonprofit corporations that are independent of the candidates and independent of regulated for-profit corporations. We contend the Court need not, at least at this stage, invalidate FEC regulations of all for-profit corporations.

CFAC’s brief was written by the law firm of Bostwick & Jassy in LA:
[gview file=”https://firstamendmentcoalition.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/CFAC-amicus-Citizens-United.pdf”]