A&A: Special Districts: County Water District

Special Districts: County Water District

Q: Gov. Code Sect. 25120 gives requirements for notice and hearings for a Board of Supv. to pass or amend a ordinance.   What about a special district, i.e. a county water district?

A: Govt. Code Section 25120 provides only that “[t]he enacting clause of all ordinances of the board of supervisors shall be as follows: ‘The Board of Supervisors of the County of _____ ordains as follows.'”

Special districts are subject to the Brown Act’s requirements for noticing and hearing.  See Govt. Code Sections 54950-54963; see also CFAC web site
In particular, the Brown Act provides that “[a]t least 72 hours before a regular meeting, the legislative body of the local agency, or its designee, shall post an agenda containing a brief general description of each item of business to be transacted or discussed at the meeting, including items to be discussed in closed session. A brief general description of an item generally need not exceed 20 words. The agenda shall specify the time and location of the regular meeting and shall be posted in a location that is freely accessible to members of the public.”  Govt. Code Section 54954.2.