A&A: Authority to call school district special meetings

Authority to call school district special meetings

Q: I attended an emergency meeting of the School District that was called not by the president but by one of the directors on behalf of the manager. The president wasn’t informed of the meeting until it was all set up and an agenda posted.

The lone director stated in public (meeting is taped) that he called the meeting, saying he as a lone individual can call the meeting. It involved the expenditure of public funds and no bid contracts.

How do I go about filing a notice to cure and correct on something like this?

A: California Govt. Code Section 61221(c) states that as part of its internal organization, the board of a Community Services District shall “provide for the manner of calling special meetings.”  The School District should have adopted a rule about calling special meetings, and this rule presumably sets forth who is authorized to call an emergency meeting.  Accordingly, the first step is probably to find out what the School District’s provisions for calling emergency meetings are and whether the individual director was authorized to call today’s meeting.