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Amicus filed to Protect Political Speech

FAC has filed an amicus brief urging the U.S. Supreme Court to review and reverse a decision that punished a political candidate for speech that should have been protected.  [Read More]

FAC to California Court of Appeal: The Public Can’t See What No Longer Exists

FAC Works To Stop Destruction of Records

FAC tells the Calif. Court of Appeal that no requester of public records should have to get a court order to prevent the government from destroying records. [Read More]

FAC Lawsuit Tackles Use of Reverse CPRA

FAC Suit Tackles Use of “Reverse CPRA”

By using a “reverse CPRA,” the Milpitas city manager was able to get a court order barring disclosure of records about his own alleged misconduct–without any argument by proponents of disclosure. [Read more]

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