First Amendment Coalition

First Amendment Coalition

Defending Free Speech & The Public's Right To Know

Defending Free Speech and Protecting the People's Right to Know


FAC is an award-winning nonprofit dedicated to advancing free speech, open government and public participation in civic affairs.

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We're proud to offer a free membership to those who want to join our fight to defend the First Amendment and protect the people's right to know.

Have a question about access to records, open meetings, or other First Amendment concerns? We have a dedicated group of lawyers ready to help.


What the movement for Black lives shows us about the power — and peril — of exercising our First Amendment rights.
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FAC’s greatest asset is our 30 year legal record of holding governments accountable at the local, state, and federal levels, supporting journalists and citizens in how to enforce their First Amendment rights. 

FAC regularly holds public forums that bring lawyers, journalists and citizens together from coast to coast to advance the discussion on government transparency, free speech and citizen engagement.

Now more than ever we need people who fight to defend our rights. Every year FAC recognizes First Amendment champions who have made outstanding contributions to government transparency.

We engage in oversight of the legislative process, working with legislators and providing testimony in support of First Amendment-friendly bills, and against bills that would turn the clock back.


The Legal Hotline gives users quick, free access to FAC’s lawyers for questions about access to public records, meetings and the courts and your rights under the First Amendment.

A&A is a searchable database of questions posed by users like you about their rights under open government laws and first amendment safeguards that have been answered by FAC’s attorneys.

FAC’s resources for using California (CPRA) and federal (FOIA) laws to obtain public records, including FAC’s CPRA Primer; a Police Transparency Guide; and a template for CPRA request letter

Resources for California’s open-meetings law, including our Brown Act Primer on how the law works; the text of the Ralph M. Brown Act; and a sample Cure & Correct demand letter. 

FAC defends press freedom by ensuring journalists in need receive pro bono legal defense in the event they are subject to subpoena or other legal threat seeking their confidential sources or unpublished materials.