CPRA - CA Public Records Act

A&A: Can I Use the CPRA to access investigative files?

Q: I am trying to get investigative records from California’s Department of Consumer Affairs and the California Department of Justice for a complaint I am lodging against a former employer. How do I go about submitting such a request? A: Investigatory records maintained by a law enforcement agency are generally exempt from disclosure, Gov’t Code section 6254(f), […]

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Brown Act - CA Open Meetings Law

A&A: Has the Brown Act changed to allow votes on items not on agenda?

Q: At its last meeting, City Council members were told by the city attorney that the city no longer has to abide by some of the provisions of the Brown Act. He was citing the city’s ability to vote on an issue that was not on the agenda, telling them it was OK.  Has the Brown Act […]

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A&A: Can peaceful picketing be stopped by the event’s promoter?

Q: My family and I have been protesting an event but now  the promoter has placed an “order of protection” against us so that we cannot return. He wrote on his order that we are disruptive and that the police had to be called. The police were called but because we were peacefully picketing they said […]

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A&A: Are police dashboard-cam videos exempt from the CPRA?

Q: I am writing to see if there is any California case law on the release of dash cam videos and whether they are public record. I’ve been covering the case of a police officer accused of committing assault on a juvenile under the color of authority . The officer’s defense was that he was singled […]

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A&A: Did email exchange between committee members violate Brown Act?

Q: Last month our recently elected academic senate president announced to us, the Senate Executive Committee, privately, on campus, that he would be moving to New York and would not be teaching anymore at our college. He said we would have a meeting about his leaving as soon as he learned about what sick time […]

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Top 10 Brown Act Questions from Legal Hotline archives

Top Ten Brown Act FAQ from 2014 Legal Hotline Archive

Test your Brown Act expertise against the Legal Hotline answers You have a right to know and we have the Legal Hotline database of hundreds of Brown Act, CPRA, FOIA and free speech questions that were asked by you and answered by our first amendment attorneys. These questions are the most popular  answers to the most frequently asked questions [...]
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Asked & Answered

A&A: Can the City ban negative online posting by public employees, officials?

Have a question? Our Legal Hotline is free. Q:  I live in Tennessee, and my town recently adopted a social media policy that forbids any city employee, elected official, appointed official, vendor or volunteer from posting anything “negative” about the city on social media. Can you please take a look at this and determine if this […]

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Victory for public’s right to know in CA Supreme Court decision

The California Supreme Court ruled unanimously last week that the Department of Public Health must release, in full, public records relating to violations against patients at state-run facilities for people with developmental disabilities. “It’s a complete victory for patients, families and the public, who are now going to get key information about serious violations of law and […]

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A&A: Can I access documents from State License Board investigation?

Q: I would like to gain access to Contractor State License Board documents relating to a recently concluded investigation against me. I have read up on my access rights, but am hoping to be as fully informed as possible before pursuing that route. I am a builder in San Francisco, and the Contractors State License […]

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A&A: Prof worried about free-speech rights regarding Facebook post

Q: I’m curious about the protection of my free speech rights as an untenured, racially underrepresented professor at a public university. I posted a comment about my encounter with a coworker, related to my views about racial micro aggression and the recent national unrest about law enforcement. I didn’t directly identify my coworker and privacy […]

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