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A&A: How can we make CSUniversity produce public records withheld without explanation?

Q: We are seeking assistance to obtain public records (under the Public Records Act and McKee Transparency Act) that have not been produced. Over the past 36 months, University Counsel at a California State University has consistently failed to fulfill their obligations under the California Public Records Act and McKee Transparency Act. While they have produced [...]
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A&A: Are the officer’s emails exempt from access under the CA Public Records Act?

Q: I am considering filing an open records request under the California Public records act for the internal emails of a police sergeant.I suspect there is information related to misconduct on an issue not related to any open criminal case or crime investigation. Are the officer’s emails exempt under the law, or would the department […]

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A&A:Is County Transit’s denial of our ads based on content, violating free speech?

Q: I work on an environmental campaign related to water and wildlife habitat. I have attempted to place ads on buses and/or at bus stops managed by County Transit and the Transit Authority. County Transit denied our ads based  on their content, which they determined  includes "issue advocacy" which is not allowed under their recently-revised advertising policy [...]
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A&A: Can a public college bar employees speaking to the press?

Q: My community college district has an unwritten policy that bars publicly employed campus safety officers from speaking to members of the press. On several occasions they have told me of the policy and referred routine questions to supervisors. When I questioned supervisors about the policy, including media relations and the college president, they denied any policy [...]
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A&A: What penalties have local governments faced for violating the CPRA?

Q: I'm developing program to teach our office staff  how to handle PRAs, and am looking for some examples of local governments, preferably in California, that have been penalized for not abiding by the terms of the law.  Is a lawsuit the only way to remedy?  Can you share any examples? Have your records requests been denied? [...]
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A&A: CPRA ten-day deadline for request responses: Is that business days or calendar days?

Q: Regarding the CPRA’s mandate that an agency must respond to a request within 10 days , FAC and other groups claim this means calendar days, not working days. Is there some compelling basis for this belief? A:  Unless a statute containing a time limitation specifies that “days” means court days or business days, the default is to calculate using calendar […]

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A&A: What does the CPRA say about an agency charging a $48 “clerical fee”?

Q:  I'm interested in getting some feedback from someone a little more experienced at filing public records act requests. I'm a little suspicious of the Department of Fair Employment and Housing charging a $48 "clerical fee"although their invoice does not list the amount of pages or mailing fee, implying the search has not yet been done. The request [...]
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A&A: My CPRA request was denied due to “attorney-client privilege”

Q: The Chair of the Board of Directors for the Fire Protection District wrote a letter which was published in a local newspaper. In that letter he made public, for the first time, the existence of a report the District had received from a private legal firm. He also made public some of the contents of [...]
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A&A: How can my records request meet deadline if staff assigned is on vacation?

Q: I made a Public Records Request and received confirmation, but the attorney wrote that my request for is too complex to release now. I sent a reply and learned that the attorney left on vacation for a week. I don't think there's an I'm-on-vacation exception in the CPRA. What do I do now? Exercise your right to [...]
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Public Schools and the CPRA

A&A: How do I find which grant funded school district position using CPRA

Q: There have been several newly created positions in our school district. One says, "grant funded." I'm looking to find which grant, but I'm not sure what document to ask for. Can you help? Exercise your right to know! Ask FAC's Legal Hotline your own question! jQuery(function () { jQuery(".tooltip-561851eb76ccd").bsf_tooltip(); }) A: I understand that you [...]
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