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A&A: Sheriff’s office refuses to release crime report unless I am a victim

Q: I am trying to get a copy of a public police report from 1999. I phoned the County Sheriff’s Records office, and spoke to a woman who would not give me her last name.  I gave her name of the suspect, the date of booking, the case number, the offense code, the charge category, and the […]

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A&A: I’m applying to volunteer for the Sheriff’s Dept. Is that form subject to CPRA requests?

Q: I am considering volunteering for a local sheriff’s department. I was given a 14 page document by the department to fill out with lots of background information questions. Some questions are more personal than others. I have no issue supplying them BUT I am curious if this ‘volunteer information’ form becomes subject to CPRA requests by the […]

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A&A: County said no matches for my CPRA request, but I know docs exist. What now?

Q:  I requested email records sent by people in a supervisor’s office, using keywords and a date range. The response said that no records existed, except I had a message sent to me that fell under the criteria. So I forwarded them a copy of the email message, and asked them to explain how they […]

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A&A: Doesn’t the Brown Act require regularly scheduled meetings?

Q: The Board of Directors are constantly postponing regular meetings to accommodate a board member’s busy schedule. They have not set up a calendar for the year with a consistent time or day of week, for example, every second Thursday at 4:00 pm. This month, they have not scheduled a regular meeting due to waiting on […]

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Animal Shelters and the CPRA

A&A: Animal shelters deny CPRA request for names of rescue orgs we want to support

Q: Our volunteer group requested animal shelter records on animals that were impounded at a few city/county shelters. Among the information we requested related to these animal records was the name of the responding rescue organization that “rescued” the dog from the shelter. We have been told that the shelter(s) will not release the name of […]

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A&A: How can Ebay censor my listing to sell Confederate Flag belt buckles?

Q: I sell belt buckles that depict the Confederate flag. I pay Ebay a monthly fee for an Ebay Store in addition to final value fees of 10% on each sale. Ebay removed my listings that contain the Flag and they have now sent me the following Email.  They are censoring me as an independent business owner. […]

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Public Schools and the CPRA

A&A: Deadline missed for CPRA request. What should we do next?

Q: On August 12 we requested public records under the CPRA from our Joint School District. We gave them the 10-day request for records. On August 21 the school district wrote us asking for a 14-day extension and then listed the date as Tuesday, Sept 8 to respond to us. Today is Sept 9th and we have […]

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A&A: City misses CPRA request deadlines “due to staff vacancies”?

Q: My friend and I first requested financial records for two affordable housing projects receiving government subsidies on August 19. The City responded on August 27 informing us that due to staff vacancies they could not fulfill our request, and that they would provide a status update by October 1. On September 4, we responded to the […]

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A&A: If I painted a message on a building I own, can I be charged for creating illegal graffiti?

Q: In Maryland, the state statute defines graffiti as illicit painting on a exterior wall. Baltimore City defines graffiti as any spray painting on a exterior building. On my own property, I created political speech by spray painting messages on the side of my building. Even though, I own the building and the City officials […]

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A&A: How can we make CSUniversity produce public records withheld without explanation?

Q: We are seeking assistance to obtain public records (under the Public Records Act and McKee Transparency Act) that have not been produced. Over the past 36 months, University Counsel at a California State University has consistently failed to fulfill their obligations under the California Public Records Act and McKee Transparency Act. While they have produced [...]
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