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Watch Pulling Back the Blue Curtain

Watch Now! FAC & KPCC’s Pulling Back the Blue Curtain: When should we have access to police records?

You might want to put on welding goggles and spf 50 sunscreen because more than a few sparks fly when FAC’s Peter Scheer and KPCC’s Frank Stoltze ask the panel of law-enforcement-access experts: “How much access to police records is warranted; how much is too much?  KPCC’s crime and public safety correspondent Frank Stoltze moderated the lively, sometimes heated, discussion among […]

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Join the Twitter Chat with Peter Scheer & KPCC

When should we have access to police records? Recap Peter Scheer and KPCC’s Frank Stoltze TwitterChat recap

When should we have access to police records? FAC’ Exec. Dir. Peter Scheer and KPCC’s Frank Stoltze participated in an hour long #muckedup Twitter chat that raised eight questions regarding the public’s right to access law enforcement documents. Catch up with MuckRack’s Storify recap.

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A&A: How can I access records on decisions regarding promotions and tenure at UC?

Q: I'm working on a book that requires me to access  records regarding the denial of support for a prominent University of California professor by his department's promotion and tenure committee. I wish to obtain all documents related to this decision. Two questions: 1. Can I obtain them using FOIA? 2. Do I address the FOIA to [...]
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Accessig legal retainer documents

A&A: Can I access attorney’s retainer agreement and invoices via the Public Records Act?

Q: Our local fire district and its former chief, a "retired CalPERS annuitant," are involved in a judicial process contesting a pension amount owed due to "double dipping" The elected officials have held numerous closed sessions to discuss these legal matters. In an attempt to discover if the fire district is using taxpayer dollars to defend the [...]
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A&A: Can they stop me from gathering signatures in a city-owned building?

Q: Are signature gatherers allowed to solicit signatures for an initiative petition in a City-owned building that is used for public meetings? Do you have a question for our free the Legal Hotline? Ask it now! jQuery(function () { jQuery(".tooltip-55b9a186eb526").bsf_tooltip(); }) A: You raise a very interesting question about the constitutional right to petition.  The [...]
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A visit from the police

A&A: Police won’t provide me access to my interrogation reports

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911 Dispatch

A&A: Trying to access the transcript of a 911 call

Q: I had an allergic reaction between some medication I am on and alcohol while traveling on Amtrak. The conductor called 911 and instead of a paramedic showing up a police officer arrested me and put me jail. I did not cause any disturbance on the train. I did eventually spend four days in the hospital over [...]
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Free speech and school rules about social media

A&A: School District dictatorial about student use of social media, txting

Q: Our six children have been enrolled in our community public schools since 1992. Three of our children have already graduated, one is graduating this year and on will be graduating in 2019. With the advent of mobile communications, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc the administrations at the middle and high schools have become increasingly dictatorial about [...]
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Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain - Fair Use

A&A: Is it Fair Use to post musical film clips for a history class?

Q: I am an educator who set up a 501(c(3) to teach American history through the music of Gershwin, Berlin, Cole Porter, etc. by narrating film clips of their movies. Mrs. Gene Kelly inquired how I have the right to use these film clips without permission. I have prepared a letter in response and was looking [...]
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Law enforcement investigatory records exemption (video – 5:59)

Access to California police records is a constant frustration due to the Law Enforcement Investigatory Records Exemption. It makes it much tougher to get files here than in most other states or even from the FBI.  Attorney Duffy Carolan provides a primer on the how broadly this law is defined and how much it limits access for journalists as well [...]
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